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    obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-descripcion1.- Description

    Neptu: New building in Gracia neighbourhood, city of Barcelona:

    Residential new building of flats, located in Gracia neighbourhood, in 11th-19th Neptu Street. This street is parallel to Via Augusta and is found between Diagonal Avenue and Gal·la Placidia Square. It is a very centric area, only a few minutes away from Passeig de Gracia, and it is surrounded by shops, local markets and facilities. This building of flats is composed by two staircases, in which there are two flats per landing. Each flat has a surface of between 60m² and 160m²; therefore, they can be of 2 and 3 bedrooms. On the ground floor, there are duplexes with their private gardens. The roof of the building is used as a community zone and has a swimming pool and living area. This residential building is composed by a total of ten flats. The buildings diposes of a ventilades facade, which improved the isolation and, along with the aerothermical air contitioning, gives the building an energetic qualification of “A”.

    Also, on the basement floor, we have created storage rooms, aimed to complete the storage capacity of flats. These storage rooms have a forced ventilation and fire detectors. The basement of this new building of flats in Gracia also has a parking lot for cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

    obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-calidades2.- Qualities


    Obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-Estructura-minStructure and facades:

    Foundations using reinforced concrete footings and walls. Structure using pillars and waffle slabs. Ventilated main facade with thermal and acoustic insulation finished with black granite stone cladding. Thermally and acoustically insulated rear facade, SATE type, finished in stucco.

    Promociones-obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-zonas-comunes-minCommon areas:

    Waterproof roof of the building with swimming pool, thermal insulation and wooden and ceramic floors. Staircase with granite pavement and baseboards. Plastered and painted walls with wood finishes in hallway and landings.


    Electrical installation with control panels and protection against overvoltages and current leaks. Designer lighting in hallway and staircase. Collective and satellite dish with DTT / FM reception. Installation for connection to STDP (telephone and data services) and TBA (broadband telecommunications).


    Se ha instalado un ascensor para cada escalera para 6 personas. Adaptado a la normativa vigente de accesibilidad. Cabina con espejo frontal, paredes laterales chapadas en madera. Puertas interiores automáticas y botonera en acero inoxidable.

    Energy certificate:

    The building has an “A” Energy Rating, which indicates that the energy consumption will be between 75% and 90% lower than the average building. Therefore, we will emit the lowest percentage of CO² into the environment, in order to reduce the atmospheric warming that produces the greenhouse effect.

    Obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-Parking-minPark lot and Storage rooms:

    The storage rooms and car park are located in the basement of the property. Some homes will thus have one extra room. They have forced ventilation and fire alarm. There is also a parking area for cars, motorcycles and bicycles.


    Pisos-obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-Paredes-minWalls, tilings and floors:

    Interior walls of plasterboard and prepared for smooth painting, finished with white paint. General flooring made of soft oak-type floating laminate parquet on a mortar board with an acoustic insulation layer. 60 × 60 cm porcelain stoneware flooring in different shades for the each bathroom.


    Roca brand toilets in white colour, with sink, toilet and bathtub or shower tray. Solid surface washbasin countertops. 60 × 60 cm porcelain stoneware flooring and tiles. False ceiling with register, in bathrooms with air an conditioning unit.

    Obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-Carpinteria-minCarpintery and wardrobes:

    Wooden entrance doors of 90 cm passage smooth white lacquered internally with security lock, interior doors of white lacquered block type wood with handles and hinges in chrome color. Wooden built-in wardrobes in rooms with white lacquered doors.

    Obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-Cocinas-minKitchens and appliances:

    Kitchen cabinets in graphite laminate finish, kitchen countertops in graphite colour. Top brand appliances, consisting of an oven, microwave, dishwasher and built-in refrigerators, induction hob and extractor hood.

    Pisos-obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-Instalaciones-minFacilities and air conditioning:

    Electrical installation with control and protection panels. Recessed interior installation for electricity, television, telephone and data connections (internet connection). Areothermal installation for domestic hot water (DHW), underfloor heating and air conditioning, evaporating outdoor unit and Daikin Altherma hydrokit indoor unit.

    Pisos-obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-Pintura-minPaint and finishes:

    False ceilings and plasterboard walls painted with smooth, washable plastic paint of top quality throughout the house, in white. Painted and laminated drywall suspended ceilings. A cleaning team will act before the delivery of the homes.

    obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-planos3.- Plans
    obra-nueva-gracia-barcelona-localizacion4.- Location

    Arranged visits

    11-19 Neptu Street, 08006, Barcelona.

    (+34) 93 426 57 52

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